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Sod Installation

Get the beautiful healthy lawn you’ve been dreaming about. We use only the highest quality sod on the Coast, our professional sodding team will use their expertise to lay your lawn right.


Sod Installation


  • We prepare the ground properly
  • Remove all unwanted grass and weeds that could contaminate the new growth.
  • Till the ground to break up compacted soil and to remove any stones that could hinder the process.

Soil Testing

  • We test the pH of your soil
  • Then place the appropriate fertilizer and soil conditioner to assure the successful growth of the sod.
  • We also treat any areas affected by disease or brown spots.

Lay the Sod

  • We properly level the yard, avoiding runoffs in the process, then will lay the sod.
  • We carefully avoid loosely fitted edges and overlapping.
  • Then shim the depressed portions and press the entire lawn when done to avoid air pockets and promote good contact with the soil.

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